Monday, July 6, 2009

Incognito and "It's so Very Cheri"

Cheri of "It's so Very Cheri," a new found friend of mine, is holding a giveaway which lasts all month long. She's asked that I help spread the word by inviting all of you to her blog. When you have a moment please go tell her hello and join in on her fun giveaway. You can find her here.

I realize I've been incognito for quite some time and it appears I will remain that way for quite some the end of August. I am looking forward to joining everyone back in blogland as I was having so much fun writing my posts and following my bloggy friends. Everyone should know by now that one of my passions is the arts. I am a huge fan of so many of the talented artists who bring us their spectacular art through such places as their blogs, and other websites. One day I really should post more about the artists and art groups I admire and follow almost hourly at times. lol I honestly can't thank them all enough for their spectacular work that brightens my days. Throughout my house are many pieces of their art and in so many different mediums. Sadly, I don't own near enough because my pocketbook isn't near as deep as my love for each piece that is made.

I was in the middle of some RAK's and PIF's when things became quiet around here. I haven't forgotten any of you who are participating with me, and I am working on all of that even though I'm quiet over here in blogland.

To all of my followers, thank you. It's genuinely appreciated that you began following. It would be great if you all continued following as I will be back in full force around the end of August as I mentioned earlier. There's so many plans I have for my blog and events I want to hold. June was my anticipated date for holding some events. They too will be held, but not until a later time.

To all of you a HUGE hello. I miss your blogs and posts and all. Following is so much fun. I hope your everyday is going great. As they say in the movies, "I'll be back." For now I focus on things here at the home front. I will be in state and out of state frequently over the next couple of months and just no time to focus on my blog and all. I will be thinking about you all and look forward to joining back up with you here in the bloggy world.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


I'm a bird lover! No? Not a surprise? Well, let me tell you about something that will be a sweet surprise for some, if not all, of you. Sandi, of Wayside Treasures, is celebrating having exceeded 300 posts on her blog. She has a lovely blog and within her posts are always such lovely photographs. I am super thrilled and super excited to be joining in on Sandi's celebration and spreading the word. Why? Well why not! This couldn't have come at a better time since as of late my little birds flew the coop. Sandi is holding a giveaway, and just viewing the photographs of her giveaway items are worth every bit of my time. I won't even make you wait to see what it is she's giving away because I love the photos and want to share them here:


Go help Sandi celebrate, I'm sure she'd love to have you.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Forgive Me, For I Know Not...

What I've Done!

Like a flash, it's gone! Lost in the ol' cyber world once again. Naturally this shouldn't come as a surprise to many of you as you are well aware that I rarely know what it is I am doing. I'm like that, spontaneous, quick witted yet numb minded. Or is that dumb minded? Either way that's me and here is the result of it all. Notice anything different? Yeah, me too. I lost my birdies flew the coup. I vaguely remember the sound of their wings as they rushed right past me for that great escape, and the last thing I remember is the butt chewing the gave me as they headed out the door. It sounded something like, "We told you we needed more millet and we didn't like the cuttlebones your hanging in our cage." All I could do was sit here, as a lost tail feather floated down landing in my lap, and cry out, pleading ever so loudly, "I'm sorry, please come back."

They never did come back yet, but they did leave behind a little memento or rather a reminder of their past presence. No not that silly, that they managed to hold 'till they got outdoors, at least I think they did as I haven't come across the white muck yet.

They left behind a picture of them in the form of a banner. Wasn't that nice! Personally I think it was left in order to taunt and tease me and be a constant reminder never to leave the dish of millet half empty.

(I swear I thought it was half full)!

To make up for the ever so present BLUE background that somehow took over I'd like to share two things.

First, a great video that I discovered while visiting one of my bloggy friends. I enjoyed listening to the music, but I must confess that I enjoyed watching the video the most.

Playing For Change | Song Around The World "Stand By Me" from Concord Music Group on Vimeo.

Second, I received an email from a new blogging friend letting me know she is holding a giveaway. What a sweet thing to do. I was elated that she emailed me and I'd like to spread that joy with the rest of you. Don't miss out on this ever so generous giveaway from Karen, of the Garden Chick. I know she'd love to have you stop by, say hello, and get signed up for her drawing.

Toodle-Loo! I'd love to tell you that I'm off to fix or replace my background, but that would be leaving you with false hope. I've got so many other things I must get accomplished. So for now, and for awhile, you are stuck with my lovely BLUE background.

Aren't I nice?

To make up for it just a tad more, here is a beautiful picture by a wonderful photographer, Silvie Ferizi. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Johanna Parker Designs

Johanna Parker, another one of my favorite artists, of Johanna Parker Designs, is celebrating her 111th blog post and honoring the collectors. of her art. I have never had the good fortune of purchasing one of her works of art, yet love it all tremendously. Last fall Johanna was featured in a couple of magazines and I looked high and low for those magazines where I am from and never could locate a single issue of either. I emailed Johanna asking which stores carried the magazines she was in and it happened to be a few days before I was to head, once again, to Boston, MA. So, guess where I found the magazines and scooped them up from? You got it, a bookstore in Boston, MA. I hit the ground running once I got off the plane and boarded the subway heading to the closest stop to a book store location I know well. Many of you are familiar with Johanna’s works of art. For those of you not yet familiar with it you are missing out on a lot. Each piece is a sight to behold. Johanna’s art can be found in many places, but it’s highly sought after and difficult to nab a piece before they are already sold. When you have a chance please go pay Johanna a visit on her blog. I know she'd love to have you.

Fantastic New Blog and Collage Camp - KC Willis

Have you ever wanted to go to camp? Well, now is your chance. KC Willis is having a wonderful Collage Camp and holding a giveaway as well. You won't want to miss either of them. Please go visit the Collage Camp and when your through there head over to KC's blog and get a taste of it as well. While your visiting don't forget to get signed up for her giveaway. It's a whopper of a giveaway, but I'm not sharing what the prize is. Just my own little way to get you enticed enough to go have a look for yourself. I promise you will not be disappointed. (drawing June 15 '09).

Friday, May 22, 2009

Pondering Mind - Tick Tock Tic Toc Ti......

As I sit here this morning thinking about everything I need to do and what it is that will and won’t get done, my mind focuses on one thing then shifts to another. It’s always like that for me, thoughts racing a million miles an hour, switching topics and mental images.

If I did and accomplished those gad-zillions of things dancing and interweaving within my brain I would be very happy indeed. In my mind, I am many things and I accomplish a great deal. But in real life…uhg. My days go by to quickly, and I don’t accomplish squat…well, it sure doesn’t seem like squat when you have a list 10 miles long and only the first two are checked off. This is so NOT me, the gal in the picture has a smile on her face and lots of checks on her list.

I came to the conclusion yesterday that if I could be anything it would be one of a set of identical octuplets. Yes, I did say identical. That way there would be eight of me and each could set out on one of the many missions and tasks that lie ahead and get them done. Of course it wouldn’t hurt if each of me were also like an octopus with numerous arms so the multi-tasking we’re programmed to do would be even greater.

Now this ol’ world may not be prepared to handle a lot of me-z running around, but oh how I, myself, would love it indeed. Imagine if you wanted to be in 8 different countries (do we have 8)? I imagined it yesterday and came to the realization that had I been fortunate enough to be one of a set of identical octuplets each one could travel to a separate country and there “I” would be…in all of them at once. The same applies to doing things. I have so many different interests and things I want to do that once again if I were part of an identical set of “me-z” I could do many more of them and be oh so content.

I’ve never known what I wanted to be when I grew up…and trust me…I am now grown up…yet still don’t know. Not that it’s due to a lack of interest ‘cuz boy oh boy do I have interests. I want to be so many things and do so many more. Nothing famous or anything like that. They can take that job and $@#!* it.

I want to run a zoo, an aquarium, an orphanage (I’d love to be Mother Hubbard. No wait, wrong one, that’s the one who went to fetch a bone and there wasn’t one). I want to be the Ol’ Lady That Lived in a Shoe.

I want to be a marine biologist, an electrical engineer, a mechanical engineer, a mathematical engineer ( is there such a thing?), I’d love to be a physicist.

I would also like to be a paralegal ‘cuz I love law. I also love forensics and criminal justice as well. Oh wait, one more…I’d love to save the world. Several things always gets in the way of that though. Not rich enough, not smart enough and I for darn sure haven’t figured out how to save the world when I can’t even save myself from the world.

Yeah, you get the idea! Trust me my list doesn’t end there. The only thing I don’t want to be is a lady in a dress! No way, nope, not going to happen. I don’t want no dress or high heels slowing me down. Besides I need my ankles and I certainly don’t care for those breezes and drafts.

Did I mention I’d like to write a book, be in the X- games (on a motorcycle of course) and go in front of our legislatures and get someone to sponsor some legislation and get some d*!m laws changed?

Which brings me to another thought - split personalities or multiple ones as well. None evil or nothing like that all angelic and energetic, too. Now wouldn’t that be fun. We’d never be lonely or alone and we could play all kinds of games that take more than one player. I love games!
Monopoly anyone?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'd Love a Gourdie-Do, How 'bout you?

Linda K., The Gourdqueen, is holding her very first Blog Giveaway. She's another artist who's work I have admired over the years. Her sculptures are incredible and to see a gallery of her work you can look here. She also sells her work on SpookyTime Jingles, with a very talented group of artists and on PFATT Marketplcae with another group of very talented artists. Please take a peek to see some fantastic art, meet the wonderful artist and have a chance at winning a great work of art.

Things have been quiet here at Tumbleweed Trails as things are slightly hectic with so much going on right now. But I wanted to THANK all of my followers for following by sharing another artist, her art and a spectacular giveaway. I can't think of a better way to honor Linda for her artwork than by sharing it here with all of you. Enjoy here gallery and Good Luck in the drawing where one very lucky individual will have their name drawn for a Gourdie-Do.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

It's All Good...

Deb of It's All Good is celebrating her 100th post and would like everyone to help her celebrate. not only is she celebrating, but she's got a couple of delightful handmade items up for prizes in a giveaway. Her celebration ends tomorrow so you'll want to head on over soon to join in on the great event. I know, I know, such short notice by lil ol' me. Always a day late and a dollar short. Hmm, well ok, lets make it many days late and lots of dollars short. That's what happens in a Tumbleweeds way of life, ya get hung up on fences on occasion or chased through a field by some crazed bull.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Peach Street Primitives 100th Post Celebration

Anyone who knows me knows I love art. Any style, any medium -- I love art. Jamie Lott, of Peach Street Primitives, is an American Folk Artist with a huge talent for making Original Primitive and Whimsical Folk Art. (Jamie also happens to live close to one of my favorite places, Savannah, GA. I'm so jealous). Jamie's art will delight you and she just so happens to be celebrating her 100th Blog Post with a giveaway of her original creation: Pip, aka Mr. NoName, an incredible Fae Folk Fella who will mesmerize you with his gaze. To see some fantastic art, meet the wonderful artist and have a chance at winning a great work of art see Peach Street Primitives over on my sidebar. One teeny weeny stipulation applies: if you shall happen to win then we shall have to work up a joint custody agreement as Mr. NoName will surely want a vacation now and then and I've got the perfect spot right here with me. Besides, I've already spoken for him and it's the only way I'll let him go!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Seven Facts You Might Not Be Interested In

Since I am new to getting a blog set up, not very much is known about me and obviously I am very slow at ever getting anything posted, I thought I'd have some fun sharing some things with all of you. When I originally planned on sharing this, some of what I wanted to include for "The Seven Facts You Might Not Be Interested In" I can not find my photos for at this time. So, for now, I am winging it with what I've found. The other "Facts," well they will just have to wait for another day...or the rate I go so I can locate my photos. "Seven Facts..." will be below this post as they are done. Stay Tuned....

At One Time I Was In:

The United States Army

I Use to Drive:

Tractors! and loved it.

I Have a Never Ending Passion For:


I Use to Work for:

Ford Motor CompanyAs a Parts Person
And at one time had all of their parts numbers memorized.

Years Ago, The Pug I Used To Have:

Always thought she was playing "Queen of the Hill."

Eeeks! I Use To Look:

Like This And This
And This

Now I am much older.

My Son Looked Like This:

At Two Years Old
This At Four Years Old and in pre-school(if you guessed the largest child at the far right you guessed correctly).
This At Nine Years Old (it's me on the right of him and I am 5 feet tall). Any guesses as to his size now? Well, there's my seven facts for now in my last seven posts. I'll be sure to be back and bore you again some time, some day, some month. Have a splendid day....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Finally, I'm At It Again (long winded , too)

This is now CLOSED. Thanks to everyone who joined in.

Once again, it's time for me to do what I love, give some things away. I am participating in a Random Act of Kindness aka Pay It Forward event, but this time with a twist of my very own. Read carefully and completely, We will see who's paying attention when the comments roll in. lol

The first part of my event:
The first 5 (five) people to respond letting me know they'd like to participate AND letting me know they want to host an RAK/PIF of their very own by posting this on their blog will: Get something made by me.

This first part of the offer does have some limitations and restrictions, so please read carefully.

1. I make no guarantees that you will like what I make.
2. What I make will be just for you.
3. It'll be done this year (2009).
4. I will not give you any idea what it will be. I will not give hints. It will be something handmade by me and will be a real tangible thing. It may very well be kooky or strange.
6. All you need to do, after you tell me you want to participate and host an event on your blog, is post this text, or similar text, on your blog and make 5 (five) things for the first 5 (five) folks who respond to your event.
7. I MUST have a way to contact you. Then after I contact you I will need you to provide me with your mailing address.
8. Please do not sign up for this first part if you don't plan on hosting an event of your own.


The Twist:
For the second part of my event anyone with an active blog can participate. I will be giving 10 (ten) other handmade items away (not counting the five above). Even those who are participating in the first part of my event can participate in this second part, too. It is very simple: if you want to sign up for part two all you need to do is leave a comment telling me three things. Your favorite color, favorite scent, and if you could be anywhere in the whole wide world where would it be? That's it, it's that simple...just tell me three things and have an active blog. This second part of my event will run until June 14th. You will need to sign up by 11:59 p.m. Names will be randomly drawn, and posted on my blog, by 9 a.m. Central time on June 16th as to who will be the lucky (or un-lucky) recipients of my ten "second part" gifts. I know that's a ways away, but necessary as I travel a lot and sometimes unexpectedly. Plus it keeps everyone on the edge of their chair for a loooonnnngggg time just dyng to know if they've won. Hee Hee, mean ain't I? What you will win is my little secret. If you are willing to chance that it just might be something you will like then join me in the fun and get your friends to join in as well. The winners will have 24 hours after their names are posted to email me with their mailing address. Mark your calenders and be sure to check back.

PLEASE NOTE: For the five joining in on the first part of the event, you DO NOT have to include this second part in your RAK/PIF event what so ever. This is just my own little twist to my event. When you post your RAK/PIF you will only need to include similar text to the first part of my event in your RAK/PIF. If you want to do more that's great. If you want to add twists of your own, that's great too. Most of all have fun. It's an amazing world out with a lot of amazing people and you just might be surprised who you meet.

Any questions at all about this event, or if it only seems as clear as mud, email me and I will respond the first chance I get and try to clarify things.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Two Second Post - What Would You Post?

Are You Sure You Should Be Doing That Right Here? Right Now?

Friday, April 3, 2009

Squigglefly Blog Hop

If you're ready to have a day of fun you'll want to join in on the great Squigglefly Blog Hop. There's so many wonderful participants with huge imaginations and great creativity. Wanna' get started? Then hop on over and let the fun begin. Blog Hop ends on April 4.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Altered Art - Shop and Mini Interview

Kristin, of Retro Cafe, did a mini interview on Linda, of Purple Cat Creates. It's a great interview with many pictures, splendid eye candy featuring Linda's dolls, shared throughout as well.

Kristin's posts are a pleasure to read. She also has a wonderful shop, with a splendid selection of unique altered art supplies and so much more, that is delightful to browse through and pick up some needed supplies.

In honor of some new paper cuts, for sale in her shop, Kristin is having a giveaway that ends Sunday, April 5th. I encourage you to pay a visit, look around and say hi to Kristen while your there. Oh, and don't forget while visiting to sign up for the giveaway. You'll be glad you did.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


This is now CLOSED. Thanks to everyone who joined in.

I can hardly contain the excitement I feel right now. Finally, my chance to give some things away and I’m thrilled. I love having fun, and for me giving is just that, fun! Suzanne, over at Shabby Chicks, is having a Pay-It-Forward, and I was lucky enough to leave her 3rd comment. This is great as it allows me to give some things away while meeting new people, making new friends and staying in touch with friends I have now. It’s also exciting because I’ll be getting a handmade gift from Suzanne through her Pay-It-Forward event.

Here's how it works. The first three bloggers to leave a comment on this post will get a handmade gift from me, yours truly, some time this year! It could be anything, and at any time. That's part of the fun, it's just a little something in the mail from me to you, out of the blue.

Here is how you pay it forward: You, the lucky first three to comment, then post this on your blog so that three people can leave you a comment and in return you send them a handmade gift! Include a link back to me in the post. The gift needs to be handmade by you! The gift can be any price you want and has to be sent out some time this year! You might want to send it out earlier before you forget it completely, and because your recipient is probably anxiously awaiting it‘s arrival. Remember it is the thought that counts! When you receive your gift make sure you blog about it. Play nice. Who wants to pay it forward? Who will be the first three lucky bloggers to leave a comment and receive fabulous handmade gift from me? Have fun!

NOTE: This is to let you know that if you want to pay-it forward or participate in another fun giveaway down the road, and three comments have already been posted, go ahead and leave a comment anyway. If enough are interested I will be holding another fun event. For my first three people commenting, you do not have to add this to your pay-it-forward. This is just an extra fun thing I am wanting to do.

Pam Warden Art

Pam, of Pam Warden Art, has a wonderful blog and is a fantastic artist. For any of you familiar with her art, you already know that it is fabulous. For those of you not familiar with her art, you’ve been missing out on a real treat, and should go take a peek at her blog, and in her shop. Her work is delightful. Take time for yourself, and follow this link, it will brighten your day or night and surely make you smile.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

To Think That I Was Told Blogging Is Fun

Now some of you might be inclined to think there's something wrong with my blog. But frankly, I don't see it. The header, left aligned, seems quite appropriate as does the fact that the little box in the top left hand corner proclaiming "Free Backgrounds..." covers part of my title. I might add that my BLUE background, behind the header, extends quite far to the right of the page covering what should be some of my background. "Accidental?" you may ask. I dare say not, it leaves something to my readers imagination until they scroll down the page revealing the oh so cute background and finally the top of my little birds head. So you think you've noticed too that my little birdie seems to be somewhat cut off? Heavens no, why that's not the case at all. MY little birdie happens to be quite shy and would rather not show her bum. It would ruffle her tail feathers and no one would want to see that. Oh how I could go on pointing out all of the UN-FLAWS of my little blog, like the words overflowing onto parts of the page, but I shan’t 'cuz I can't....take much more of the humiliation. I shudder to think what it must be like for my dear readers. Stay tuned for the next mess I get myself into as I'm sure the saga will continue. As Linda Ronstadt would sing, "Poor, Poor Pitiful Me..." Now I'm off to find where on earth I put that yellow and black copy of "Blogging for Dummies."

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Thank You for Visiting

I appreciate your stopping by. As you can see I'm live...but still under construction.

Blogger Dummy Test - Profile Pic

We interrupt your regular scheduled blogging...
This is merely a test. At the end of the
test.... You may breath a sigh of relief!