Monday, July 6, 2009

Incognito and "It's so Very Cheri"

Cheri of "It's so Very Cheri," a new found friend of mine, is holding a giveaway which lasts all month long. She's asked that I help spread the word by inviting all of you to her blog. When you have a moment please go tell her hello and join in on her fun giveaway. You can find her here.

I realize I've been incognito for quite some time and it appears I will remain that way for quite some the end of August. I am looking forward to joining everyone back in blogland as I was having so much fun writing my posts and following my bloggy friends. Everyone should know by now that one of my passions is the arts. I am a huge fan of so many of the talented artists who bring us their spectacular art through such places as their blogs, and other websites. One day I really should post more about the artists and art groups I admire and follow almost hourly at times. lol I honestly can't thank them all enough for their spectacular work that brightens my days. Throughout my house are many pieces of their art and in so many different mediums. Sadly, I don't own near enough because my pocketbook isn't near as deep as my love for each piece that is made.

I was in the middle of some RAK's and PIF's when things became quiet around here. I haven't forgotten any of you who are participating with me, and I am working on all of that even though I'm quiet over here in blogland.

To all of my followers, thank you. It's genuinely appreciated that you began following. It would be great if you all continued following as I will be back in full force around the end of August as I mentioned earlier. There's so many plans I have for my blog and events I want to hold. June was my anticipated date for holding some events. They too will be held, but not until a later time.

To all of you a HUGE hello. I miss your blogs and posts and all. Following is so much fun. I hope your everyday is going great. As they say in the movies, "I'll be back." For now I focus on things here at the home front. I will be in state and out of state frequently over the next couple of months and just no time to focus on my blog and all. I will be thinking about you all and look forward to joining back up with you here in the bloggy world.