Thursday, February 2, 2012

After the Meltdown With Blogger and Life (see prior post)

After all of the tears and pacing the floor I calmed down and got down to trying to figure out how to recover my lost links and all so my blog would return to normal. It isn't back to normal yet, but I did manage to retrieve MOST of the vital information, links and posts that "were my blog as we knew it." Thank goodness. I'm still missing the LOOK of my blog, the colors have changed, I lost my background and my banner...but that is so minor to me now that most of my links and all have been retrieved. My sidebars are normal yet, some photos and links are still missing, but 85 percent I'd say has been retrieved and I feel so much better due to that.

I may work on trying to retrieve the rest of my lost links and all, and work on getting back the LOOK of my blog in the near future. For now though I will leave it be as the last thing I need is to lose everything once more and possibly permanently.

I am unsure as to how I managed to retrieve what I have already...I just kept changing things messing with settings and trying to get blogger to recognize the HTML tat blogger no longer wanted to recognize. Something worked...but I may never know what. Honestly, it doesn't matter what worked it only matters that it did.

Thank you to everyone who visits my blog and for your support in everything. I am so glad all was not lost and I recovered most of my links. As many people know it is the connections with the people behind those links and their blogs that have played a HUGE HUGE role in my staying sane and strong as I've dealt with all of the medical conditions and fought blindness. I was so crushed when I lost those as they have been my foundation through so much.

The blogger storm from yesterday has blown over and I will continue to weather the medical storm as strong as I have over the past years. It will be so much easier now that I know my links to that and those that have given me my strength are back.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Problem With Blogger and Life as I Know it...

Earlier today, while on my blog, I noticed that something had went wrong with my background and template. While attempting to fix the problem a bigger problem occurred and I lost everything that was "my blog." Mind you, I saved a copy of my template and all,like blogger instructed me to do. Yet now that I need that saved information and document....when I retrieve it and apply it to my blog...blogger won't recognize that saved information and rather than "giving me back my blog" it just tries to insert all kinds of html code as my blog now.

I am beyond devastated as I had five years worth of "blogging" and links saved on my blog and it's as gone as gone can be. I can begin "re-building" my blog, but there were so my links and lists I had compiled over the years that I have no idea how I will ever begin to find them all again to get back on my blog.I apologize to anyone visiting my blog right now and in the near future. My life is in shambles and has been for some time now…and this wasn’t needed on top of it all.

Please forgive the state that this blog is now in. Also forgive that my blog has been very very quiet for a year or two while I've dealt with all that life has dealt me and it ain't over yet. I honestly can’t handle or deal with this right now and for that I am truly sorry.Forgive the negativity in this post.

The past few years have been a living nightmare and have been a living HELL! I've kept it all mostly to myself...only sharing it with a few people that I know out in this ole world. I made the choice to keep things to myself as I am not the kind of person to neither feel sorry for myself, nor want others to feel sorry for me nor want any attention as such. So I've kept quiet and kept what's been happening with me basically to myself.

I would have continued to keep it all to myself had it not been for the problem with my blog now. To understand the devastation the "blog problem" has caused me is to understand what has been going on with me over the past few years.

I am legally blind and have been fighting complete blindness for a long time. Still fighting it today. I have spent the past five years going back and forth to Boston, MA from NE to receive medical care and try to save what sight I have left. I have been sleeping in airports a lot and eating with the homeless a lot while in Boston, MA to save on the expense of things and get the medical care I need.

This past year, within a six month period, I was also diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, a Brain Aneurysm and a problem with my thyroid. I am now also on aggressive chemotherapy treatment and will be for at least one year. I lost my job over the past two years, have had a "grown son" lose his job and have to move back in with me, then he moved out after a year....and just one week ago my mother had to have a leg amputated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That brings us to this! I didn't need to lose my "blog" as such. I am truly just trying to survive and get through all that I need to get through…with no time or energy for blog problems this severe. Please accept my apology for the "flop" my blog has taken. If you know you had a link saved on my blog, please let me know so I can get it added back on.

I believe my plate is now full as the problem with blogger have just pushed me further than I care for.

One last thing: For two months now I have been faced with needing to move to Boston, MA for a year for the needed medical care. I have been dealing with doctors locally to get them to "co-manage" my care with the Boston doctors. So far I have managed to stay in NE and just go back and forth to Boston to my main treating doctors occasionally. It is not without problems though and the move to Boston, for a year is still something that may need to take place.

I will know more in the next couple of months. I think that pretty well explains what’s been happening with me and what is going to continue to happen for some time.Please know I don't want sympathy or anyone to feel sorry for me. I only shared all of this so everyone would finally know why my blog has been quiet and why my losing my blog "as I knew it" has had such a devastating impact on me.

I just wanted to finally give an explanation about things so everyone would understand my blog absence and why the problems today pushed me over the edge.. Just understand...that's all.

Wish me luck on repairing my blog.