Friday, March 27, 2009

Altered Art - Shop and Mini Interview

Kristin, of Retro Cafe, did a mini interview on Linda, of Purple Cat Creates. It's a great interview with many pictures, splendid eye candy featuring Linda's dolls, shared throughout as well.

Kristin's posts are a pleasure to read. She also has a wonderful shop, with a splendid selection of unique altered art supplies and so much more, that is delightful to browse through and pick up some needed supplies.

In honor of some new paper cuts, for sale in her shop, Kristin is having a giveaway that ends Sunday, April 5th. I encourage you to pay a visit, look around and say hi to Kristen while your there. Oh, and don't forget while visiting to sign up for the giveaway. You'll be glad you did.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


This is now CLOSED. Thanks to everyone who joined in.

I can hardly contain the excitement I feel right now. Finally, my chance to give some things away and I’m thrilled. I love having fun, and for me giving is just that, fun! Suzanne, over at Shabby Chicks, is having a Pay-It-Forward, and I was lucky enough to leave her 3rd comment. This is great as it allows me to give some things away while meeting new people, making new friends and staying in touch with friends I have now. It’s also exciting because I’ll be getting a handmade gift from Suzanne through her Pay-It-Forward event.

Here's how it works. The first three bloggers to leave a comment on this post will get a handmade gift from me, yours truly, some time this year! It could be anything, and at any time. That's part of the fun, it's just a little something in the mail from me to you, out of the blue.

Here is how you pay it forward: You, the lucky first three to comment, then post this on your blog so that three people can leave you a comment and in return you send them a handmade gift! Include a link back to me in the post. The gift needs to be handmade by you! The gift can be any price you want and has to be sent out some time this year! You might want to send it out earlier before you forget it completely, and because your recipient is probably anxiously awaiting it‘s arrival. Remember it is the thought that counts! When you receive your gift make sure you blog about it. Play nice. Who wants to pay it forward? Who will be the first three lucky bloggers to leave a comment and receive fabulous handmade gift from me? Have fun!

NOTE: This is to let you know that if you want to pay-it forward or participate in another fun giveaway down the road, and three comments have already been posted, go ahead and leave a comment anyway. If enough are interested I will be holding another fun event. For my first three people commenting, you do not have to add this to your pay-it-forward. This is just an extra fun thing I am wanting to do.

Pam Warden Art

Pam, of Pam Warden Art, has a wonderful blog and is a fantastic artist. For any of you familiar with her art, you already know that it is fabulous. For those of you not familiar with her art, you’ve been missing out on a real treat, and should go take a peek at her blog, and in her shop. Her work is delightful. Take time for yourself, and follow this link, it will brighten your day or night and surely make you smile.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

To Think That I Was Told Blogging Is Fun

Now some of you might be inclined to think there's something wrong with my blog. But frankly, I don't see it. The header, left aligned, seems quite appropriate as does the fact that the little box in the top left hand corner proclaiming "Free Backgrounds..." covers part of my title. I might add that my BLUE background, behind the header, extends quite far to the right of the page covering what should be some of my background. "Accidental?" you may ask. I dare say not, it leaves something to my readers imagination until they scroll down the page revealing the oh so cute background and finally the top of my little birds head. So you think you've noticed too that my little birdie seems to be somewhat cut off? Heavens no, why that's not the case at all. MY little birdie happens to be quite shy and would rather not show her bum. It would ruffle her tail feathers and no one would want to see that. Oh how I could go on pointing out all of the UN-FLAWS of my little blog, like the words overflowing onto parts of the page, but I shan’t 'cuz I can't....take much more of the humiliation. I shudder to think what it must be like for my dear readers. Stay tuned for the next mess I get myself into as I'm sure the saga will continue. As Linda Ronstadt would sing, "Poor, Poor Pitiful Me..." Now I'm off to find where on earth I put that yellow and black copy of "Blogging for Dummies."